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Lightly Built Electric Folding Bike

The Wisper 705 is one of a number of new bikes from the re-invigorated Wisper stable. Wisper have developed a completely new range of bikes as of early 2016.

We like these bikes very much. They are a bit lighter, have a good set of components (such as front and rear disc brakes – now hydraulic) and a larger battery (375 watt hours) than some of their competitors as standard with the option of a very substantial 575 watt hour battery for an extra £200. This will increase the range considerably. It is fitted with 7 speed shimano derailleur gears. The bike comes fitted with lights that run off the battery, mudguards and a rack. It has a comfortable gel saddle and ergonomic comfort grips.

The bike is nice to look at – not too chunky – and the motor, fitted on the rear hub has a very pleasing amount of torque. Some of the bikes in this category can lurch forward – this one moves off gently, so that you always feel in control. The motor is exceptionally quiet.


There is a throttle, which in line with the new EU regulation, can be operated without pedalling up to 4 mph and can then be activated up to the full 15.5 mph if the pedals are engaged, even if they are only being moved very slowly. This is a nice to have feature although many will be quite happy using the bike as pedal assist, in which case the range will be longer.


The bike is available in black, red or blue. It is also available with suspension fork for an additonal £100.

Free Service

As with all our bikes we offer a free service after 6 weeks and will then carry out maintenance as and when required. We offer a free delivery service if you are within 20 miles of the shop.


The warranty is 10 years on the frame and 2 years on the battery and motor.

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