Winglights POP

Bike Indicators As Seen on Dragons’ Den 

It’s dark, probably raining, you have a front light and a rear light with impatient traffic behind you. You want to turn right; you raise your arm and hold it there as long as you can before you put your hand back on the bars and commit to the move.  How safe do you feel? Can you be sure that the car has seen you raise your arm.

Winglight bike indicators are a great solution to this problem.

This is the most cost effective version of the fabulous bike indicators from Winglights, perhaps for more occasional use.

Each version of these indicators is extremely well engineered and they all work in the same way. They screw easily into the end of you flat handle bar bikes and to work them you simply tap them.

Safety is of course paramount on your bike and is the biggest thing that puts people off cycling. These indicators can make a very important contribution to your safety by making you visible when you turn and enabling you to make that hazardous manoeuvre. We sill recommend that you make a hand signal but the light can carry on flashing long after you have put your hand back on the handlebar.

The Pop version weighs just 50 g. It comes with 4 CR2032 batteries (2 per light) giving you 6 months of battery life.

They are shockproof and waterproof.

If you are a regular commuter then we recommend either the Winglight Fixed version and if you leave your bike locked up then the magnetic version are for you.