Winglights Fixed v3

As Seen on Dragons’ Den

Many people are put off cycling because of safety concerns. We can’t improve the roads but we can make you more visible with these fantastic innovative bike indicators.

Turning is one of the most hazardous things you can do and when you do so you want to make sure that the traffic has seen you and to keep your hands on the handlebars for as long as possible. With these indicators you simply tap on the en of your bars and the indicator will flash  a gentle but very visible amber light.

Easy to install they screw into your handlebar ends. They should fit any size of handle bar ends.The minimum size is 14.9 mm. If you have any concerns please get in touch.

This is the mid-priced version of the product. The magnetic version that pulls on and off and then clicks together on a caribiner is also available for £39.99 This version is sturdier than the new Pop version and is the one we would recommend for regular use, such as commuting.


We think this is a great product. We have had several enquiries for a solution like this and we think this is going to quickly become a must-have product for commuters.

The lights weigh just 100g and come complete with 4 CR2032 batteries – 2 or each light, which will last 6 months. They are shockproof and waterproof.