Visijax Commuter Jacket

Safety through technology

The revolutionary Visijax Commuter Jacket has LED lights at the front, rear and even on the arms to keep you safe.

Road safety is vital and how visible you are should be a key question for any cyclist. Visijax provides a large range of visibility enhancing products, and are critically acclaimed for their wearable technology. This one comes complete with hand signals that light up when you raise your arm and will remain on for a few seconds when you bring your arm own, using motion sensors embedded in the jacket, enabling you to safely make your manoeuvre.


To turn the bright LED lights on press the red button on the battery (through the power symbol on the front of the jacket). Press again to activate each of 3 flash settings: slow, fast and constant. Press once more to switch all of the lights off.

A fourth mode, rapid flicker, indicates ‘low battery warning’.


20 hours normal usuage Lithium-ion battery Rechargeable using yout PC – (cable included) or plug (not included)

An ICEid tag in also included for  immediate contact details and medical information in the case of an accident.