Myklops Mirror

Wearable Wingmirror

We are pleased to be stockists of this great innovative mirror that you wear on your wrist. We saw this product at a bike show and loved it. We have since sold to dozens of customers who love it. It is not just a great design – it works!

It was devised by an inventor in Brighton in 2013 who was trying to find a way to fix a mirror onto his bike that would not get in the way.

It moves in all directions allowing you to use the mirror whether you have flat or drop handle bars.

It has a very wide-angled lens giving you an excellent view of the traffic. It also has an extendable arm, allowing for greater flexibility.

When the mirror is not needed but close the clam shell and wear it like a watch.

With the roads becoming increasingly busy, you need to know what is going on behind you. We think this is an ideal addition to your electric bike.