KTM Macina Flite 11 PT-CX5P

£3,199.00 £2,730.00

Fantastic looking, drop handle bar, sporty e-bike with Bosch powertube and CX motor – now with great price reduction

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KTM Drop Handle Bar Gravel Bike  – Price reduced by 15%!

Gravel bikes are taking the bike industry by storm. This bike is excellent for off road tracks or for the road if you want a bit more stability and grip than you have on a standard road bike. It is a dual purpose bike for work and play. We have one reamining – a medium or 51 cm frame. This will suit someone from about 5′ 7″ to 5′ 11″.


Drive System

As we would expect from a sporty bike like this, the bike has the Bosch Performanceline CX motor. We believe this is still the best motor out there giving you up to 300% assistance and 75 newton metres of torque.

Bosch Performanceline CX motor for electric bikes

The battery is the 500 wh battery. This is the largest battery that Bosch do and should give you a range comfortably of 50 miles. If you ride conservatively and keep the amount of assistance down you could get much more than this.  However, if you use the motor constantly up and down hills and use all the different levels then we believe that 50 miles is a good, conservative estimate.

The display is the Bosch Purion. This combines the control for the e-bike and the display all in one place on the left side of the bars. This is more appropriate for this style of bike than the Intuvia which has a larger display screen in the centre of the bars.

Other Features on the Bike

As you can see this is a great looking bike. The battery is a powertube – the latest innovation by Bosch, which discreetly conceals the battery in the downtube of the bike. The looks are further enhanced by the drop handle bars which are quite wide. At first these look strange but when you get on the bike you appreciate the extra feel and control that they give you for handling off road.

The wheels are a standard 700c with deep rims and the tyres are quite wide at 40c (about 1.6 inches) , with a pimpled surface that Schwalbe call Microskin.These hold the road and tracks very well.

Groupset is Sram Apex 11 speed and brakes are Sram hydraulic disc with 180 and 160 mm rotors on the front and back respectively.

The suspension is a headshock suspension – that is central suspension just above the front forks.

It also comes with a kick stand.



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