KTM Macina Cross 10 SI-CX5l


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Excellent all terrain cross bike from KTM. Bosch performanceline cx and 500 wh motor

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KTM all terrain cross bike

This is a great all rounder bike for someone who wants to go on paths, tracks, gravel etc but not an all out mountain bike. It is excellently equipped with the Bosch Performanceline CX motor and the largest capacity battery (500 watt hour). It will also work perfectly well for the road, so if you want a bike for your commute but also something that you can play with at the week-end this bike is perfect.


Drive System

The bike is equipped with the Bosch Performaceline CX motor. In our opinion this is still the motor to beat in the world of electric bikes. The torque of the motor is up to 75 newton metres. This translates into 300% assistance in turbo, meaning that it will add 300% to the power input from you. There are other motors out there that claim to offer the same torque but in our view the feeling of power and consistent acceleration of the Bosch motor is still the best.

Bosch Performanceline CX motor for electric bikes

The battery is the 500 wh battery. This is the largest battery that Bosch do and should give you a range comfortably of 50 miles. Technically you could get 100 miles from the battery if you rode in eco mode. Recognising that you probably will not do this and you are going to go up and down hills we believe that 50 miles is a good, conservative estimate.

The battery size is the major difference between this and the Macina Cross 9. This comes with the 400 wh battery, which has a potential of 20% less range. For many this is plenty but if you are doing a longer commute or you like to go out for most of the day, then we recommend the Macina Cross 10.

Other Features on the Bike

The Cross 10 is a great looking bike. It is sporty, with no mudguards and the tyres are nobbly but not as wide as MTB tyres (47c).  For aficionados the tyres are Schwalbe Smart Sams. The battery is semi-integrated into the frame giving the bike nice clean lines. For comfort it has ergon grips that give more support to your wrist and also has bar end handles for getting that bit of extra pull.

There are more options with the gears than the Macina Cross 9. This bike has Deore 10 speed gears and the first gear is a large 42 teeth sprocket underlining the slightly more sporty intention of this bike.

The bike weighs 22.3 kg and comes with a kickstand. Some of our customers like to add mudguards and a rack to this bike. We are very happy to fit these for you and the additional cost is £85.

If you are looking at this bike it is worth considering the Macina Cross 9 CX4 or the Macina Cross 9 A4. This one is the best specc’d and as outlined above the most significant difference is the size of the battery. All of them are great bikes and continue to be our most popular.


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