Focus Paralane 2 9.7


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Revolutionary road ebike – what the market has been waiting for – a lightweight roadbike with some power assist when you want it.

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New Focus Paralane 2 9.7

We are truly delighted to have the new Focus Paralane  2 as part of our stock of bikes. We currently have this one in stock – size 54 cm (a medium) in blue and we have a 57 cm due in very soon. Basically it’s stunning. We have other sizes on order and also other models such as the Focus Paralane 2 9.6.

This bike is what the market has been waiting for. In short it is a highly specced electric road bike at an unbelievably light weight. The bike comes in at 13 kg meaning that you can ride the bike like a conventional road bike but use the powerful (400 watt, 60 NM) motor when you need it.

Electric bikes are a fantastic concept and they have made a huge difference to so many people. However, because of the weight and the speed limitation, for people who ride a road bike to a decent standard the normal electric bikes are of less help to a commuter looking to reduce their commute time or to the leisure rider who wants to ride with friends on their ultra light road bikes. The Focus Paralane solves this issue because it it almost as light as a standard bike so that you can ride just as fast on the flat but get an advantage on the hills. It is in short what a lot of people have been waiting for.

Drive System

The motor on this bike is the new Fatzua evation system. It is a torque motor – so adds power to the power you put in – and like other motors on ebikes the output is 250 watts. The maximum torque is a very impressive 60 newton metres. This is equivalent to the Bosch Performance Line motor. The battery capacity is 7 amp hours, or 250 watt hours. That is less than other electric bikes, but of course the whole idea is that you use the motor only when you need it.

The motor and the battery form one unit and sit in the underside of the downtube. This can be removed easily from the bike for charging or to further reduce the weight of the bike if you want to ride it without the electric assist. This brings the weight down to a very impressive 9 kg.

The motor has 3 levels of assist and of course you can ride with no assist.

Having ridden the bike I can say that we are very impressed. It is smooth, swift and holds the road beautifully. The motor is incredibly quiet compared to any other system we have tried and there is simply no resistance when the motor is off. The power output from the motor is different from the Bosch or the other crank drive motors. The assistance is progressive rather than aggressive – in other words it gives you a gentle helping hand rather than coming in with a massive surge.

Other Features on the Bike

The bike is a great bike in its own right. It is a carbon frame, with carbon forks, 22 speed Ultegra groupset, Ultegra disc brakes DT Swissf Rims. If we haven’t mentioned it before it weighs just 9 kg without the motor and will hold its own with any other road bike.

The tyre clearance is a very accommodating 35mm so you can put wider tyres on if you want to take the bike on rougher terrain.

Other Bikes out there

There are other road bikes out there that have also come in at an impressive weight – e.g the Orbea. However this has the motor in the rear wheel. This is always going to affect the feel and handling of the bike. As we have seen with the Bosch system (also Yamaha and Shimano) the way forward and by far the best place for the motor is in the centre of the bike. This model is at the pricier end (because it is carbon and the groupset is Ultegra). Less expensive models are available in ally and different groupsets and there is also a Di2 version that comes in at about £6.5 k.


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