Basil Wanderlust Pannier

Double Panniers from Basil.

Lovely design and loads of space. Birds, butterflies and flowers. What’s not to like?

Straddle the central strap over the rear frame, secure underneath, and change the way you think of trips out on a bike. With a huge load capacity that’s ideal for shopping trips or picnics, the Basil Wanderlust Pannier is beautifully decorated with a simple and elegant design, and a must-have for cyclists tired of limiting their rides by what can be carried in a rucksack. Made from a lightweight, strong,water repellent material.

This is a favourite with our customers – looks great on a Gazelle, or EMU.

The total capacity of these panniers is 35 litres (17.3 litres on each side.)

It is very easy to fit and compatible with almost all racks.


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