Basil Urban Load double bag

Double Panniers from Basil.

A sleek and sophisticated urban bag perfect for city-life.

Straddle the central strap over the rear frame, secure underneath, and change the way you think of trips out on a bike. With a huge load capacity that’s ideal for just about any commute and luggage, the Basil Urban Load Pannier is a black design, and a must-have for cyclists tired of limiting their rides by what can be carried in a rucksack. Made from a lightweight, strong,water repellent material.

The material is reflective from all sides – perfect for visibility on the road. It is also highly waterproofed to keep your cargo safe.

This is a favourite with our customers – looks great on a Gazelle, or EMU.

The total capacity of these panniers is 50L.

It is very easy to fit and compatible with almost all racks.