Test Riding an Electric Bike

Test Riding an Electric Bike with Electric Bikes Guildford

Riding an electric bike is a different sensation from a ‘normal’ bike. It really needs to be tried before the difference can be appreciated. The assistance of the motor gives a sensation of extra power (someone described it as feeling like someone has their arm around you and is taking some of the strain).  With controls at your fingertips, how much or little assistance you get is easy to change. You can shoot up a steep hill faster than any lycra clad cyclist on razor thin wheels, or you can travel in a more sedate manner taking the variations in gradient and path surface at a pace that remains comfortable to you. To get an idea of how this would work individually, we encourage everyone to test ride an electric bike.

Test rides can usually be accomodated any time the shop is open and often without notice (We can also take bookings for rides outside shop hours if advance warning is given). If you would like to book one in advance, then we would be happy to individually select a number of a bikes that we think would be appropriate for you to try. If there are specific makes and models that you have identified, then test riding them helps to ensure you have chosen the best one for you.

We have a number of options to facilitate trying out a bike:

1. There is an office car park behind the shop.  There is very little vehicle activity and at the weekends it is essentially empty. With variations in inclines as well, it is an ideal place first to tryout an electric bike.

2. There is also a place less than a mile from Guildford city centre that has some more extensive hills and quiet streets and we are very happy to meet customers there with a selection of bikes. A member of the team will be happy to cycle with you to make sure you are happy handling the bike.  If you are keen to try out the bike off-road we can even take you onto the Downs to try out some more exacting routes, if you wish.

3. If it is the traffic that you want to see how well these bikes handle, then Guildord town centre is ideal with slopes, cobbles and even pot holes to smoothly negotiate.  With an extreme hill (‘The Mount’) within a stones throw of the shop, you can give the bike a full workout from the shop once you are comfortable with the controls and the bike has been fitted to you

With all test rides, you will be shown the operational details of the bike you are about to ride. This includes the control console, gear changing and the braking mechanism. The bike will be fitted to your physique and you will not be encouraged to move off until you are completely comfortable. A member of the team can be made available to cycle alongside if desired. All participants are required to sign a ‘Disclaimer’ form. We may also require photo ID and a credit card.

Give it a go and see why people talk about the Electric bike Smile!!