Hair E-Bikers – Shanghai to Mumbai

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Danny Ogle and Tom Dodd – otherwise known as the Hair E-bikers are travelling on Wisper e-bikes from Shanghai to Mumbai – that’s many, many kilometres. Stage one of the trip is Shangai to Hanoi – a mere 2,800 kilometres, which they plan to do over the next 40 days.

Over the trip they will demonstrate the amazing capabilities of these bikes. No doubt the trip will be epic and exhausting but because of the assistance provided it will be manageable (we hope!)

We will be following their trip here – and also on Facebook – They will be instagramming it at .

We are very grateful to Wisper and David Miall in particular for providing the bikes and masses of other help. The boys went to the factory in Kunshan to collect their bikes and to learn how to maintain them. They are loaded up with a couple of panniers and in Danny’s case a guitar strapped to his back.












Here is some detail of the trip in their own words.


Shanghai to Mumbai

Leg 1 Shanghai to Hanoi via Friendship Pass (border crossing)

Our plan is to cycle e-bikes from Shanghai, China to Mumbai, India. We will update daily blogs, social media sites and record our route to promote long distance E-Biking. This section of the trip should be achievable within 40 days, it’s an incredible journey that takes us through the heart of South West China. The route begins in the iconic People’s Square, Shanghai. It traverses through the famous Yellow Mountains, around Lake Poyang (the largest freshwater lake in China) and across plains, valleys and waterfalls in rural China. We will visit an orphanage in Gao’an and meet the Yao indigenous tribal people in Guangxi autonomous region. We will cycle through the provinces of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangxi and through to Northern Vietnam. We’re visiting the capital cities of each of these provinces except from Anhui. The aim of this leg of the trip is to reach Hanoi in time for the start of the wet season in southern Asia, here we will stop for 6 months, recover physically and financially through teaching English and plan the rest of the route to Mumbai. At the start of the dry season in October/November we will begin the rest of the trip.

Over the course of the trip we will raise money for charities dedicated to each country we visit (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and India). So far we have been in contact with an orphanage in China and the Mines Advisory Group in Laos. The latter have agreed to promote the trip on their websites and social media platforms, and allow us to meet up with their teams on the route in Laos as they extract unexploded ordnance, in return for our fund raising efforts.

This first leg of the trip acts as a test run, we will gain the necessary experience as well as practice our promotion techniques through social media and contacting businesses and news companies. Then we will continue through the historical hideouts of the Vietnamese in northwestern Vietnam, where the famous battle of Dien Bien Phu and the ethnic minority tribal groups around Sapa. The journey will then continue south down the legendary Ho Chi Minh trails, supply routes that weave through the jungles of southern Laos, which were continually rebuilt after being destroyed by the most intense bombing campaign in history. This will take us through to Cambodia where we will cross the Mekong Delta, the longest river in Asia and continue south to the capital city of Phnom Penh. The journey will then continue westwards through the dusty roads of Cambodia to the incredible Angkor Wat temples, one of the few remaining ancient wonders of the world. Next we will cross into Thailand, remaining in the northern, rural areas, famed for producing some of the world’s spiciest dishes, away from the major cities this area is known as the ‘real Thailand’ as we meander up into the hills to the heights of the towns of Chiang Mai and Pai. The next stage will be in Myanmar, through the temple splattered plains of Bagan. From here we cross Bangladesh, a country of immense flooding in wet season and people with incredible endurance and resolve. Then we will start our ascent into the Himalayas, entering Bhutan and then Nepal where the journey becomes very mountainous and increasingly remote, with hill tribes and remote temples this will be a truly unique challenge which will require all of our experience and determination to accomplish. Finally we will begin crossing northern India towards Mumbai. Traversing this vast country, full of diversity in culture and landscape, will be a triumphant final chapter in this epic journey.

Total Distance: 2860 km

Estimated time: 175 hours

Ascent: 17,028 m 

wisper electric bike with panniers









About Us –The Hair E-Bikers

Our team consists of Daniel Ogle and Tom Dodd. We met in 2014 in a hostel in Laos. We share a passion for adventure sports and travel, as discovered whilst tubing during the wet season in Laos during that trip. The following summer we met up in Ljubljana, Slovenia and on a tight budget went up to the mountains bordering Austria and Italy with Mountain Bikes and hammocks. We explored the area for 10 nights, cycling through the most incredible scenery next to crystal-clear rivers along beautiful yet challenging mountain paths. We became hooked. We started to discuss future long distance cycling adventures, and planned to undertake the Shanghai to Mumbai challenge once we had finished our university courses. Danny studied Music in Leeds and Tom studied History and Film in Hull. We combined these skills to make two movies. One in Slovenia, promoting a music festival in the north east of the country; the other in China about a Buddhist monastery in Fujian province. Now we plan to make another film about the Shanghai to Mumbai trip. This will document our journey, focusing on the people we meet, the trials and tribulations we encounter and the epic scenery throughout the continent.

In 2017 we met up once again, this time in Seoul, South Korea, to begin the adventure we started planning 2 and a half years before. We taught English as volunteers in Busan, and surfed and scuba-dived in The Philippines. After completing the movie in early 2018, the detailed planning for the trip began in Shanghai as we prepare to undergo the first leg of the trip of a lifetime that will take us across the mainland of Asia, eastern China to western India. The first leg, Shanghai to Hanoi, should take 40 days to complete and is about 1/3rd of the total distance at around 2800 km.

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