Electric Bikes Guildford – Events

There’s no better way to find the bike that’s right for you than trying them out. That’s why we’re always happy for you to test ride the bikes we have in shop around the carpark, or arrange to meet with you to tackle some of Guildford’s steeper hills.

But if you want to really get a taste of what an electric bike can do for you, we regularly do events in some of the best areas in Guildford for beautiful forest trails, off road courses, and downhill rides. These are great opportunities to try out some of our bikes that feel at their absolute best when you’re exploring away from the city, try out different variants of our more specialist mountain bikes, and just have a chat and learn more about what could be a new leisure activity, hobby, or lifestyle!

Guildford also hosts several events for independent companies like us, offering more great opportunities to meet fellow enthusiasts across different locations. We often do exclusive deals on these occasions, so if you’re at a fair where we have a stall up, it’s always worth visiting.

All our upcoming events are listed on the right. You can also follow us on Facebook to get the latest news and information about our bikes and events, as well as updates from our wonderful customers!