The Cycle to Work Scheme

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a great benefit to customers who have employers enlightened enough to offer this.

It can reduce the cost of a bike by up to 42% depending on the tax bracket that you are in.

CWS logo(1)It works like this:

  1. Find out if your employer offers this scheme
  2. Visit our shop and choose a bike that you would like. We will give you a quote that you can give to your employer.
  3. Assuming they accept the quote they will purchase the bike from us through the ‘Cyclesheme’ and issue you with a certificate.
  4. Bring your certificate to the shop and we will give you the bike and any other accessories that you add into the package.,
  5. You will pay the cost of the bike out of your gross salary, thereby saving on the tax and national insurance, over 1 or 2 years making a saving of between 32% and 42% of the cost of the bike.
  6. 6. After the repayment period your employer can sell the bike to you. This can often be for a nominal amount but could be 7% of the value of the bike.


Bike Cost of £999. Your tax rate is 20% and Employee’s National Insurance rate of 12%. Repayment period 24 months

Monthly payments : £41.62 out of gross salary. The net cost to the employee is £28.30 per month or £697.32 in total. This represents a saving of £319.68 – or 32% of the cost.

Please note that the maximum cost that is eligible for the tax benefit of the scheme is £1,000. This can apply to the bike and other safety accessories such as a helmet. If the bike that you have chosen costs more than £1,000 you may be able to top up the difference yourself. You can check this with your employer.

Finally please note that there is a saving to your employer as well as they do not need to pay Employer’s National Insurance on the cost of the bike.

Any questions please ask… 01483 808765.