Visijax Gilet

Sleeveless Visibility

Perfect if you want to feel unrestricted as you exercise but without losing the safety of high visibility, the Visijax is a lightweight, stylish and functional item from Visijax’s line of smart wearables. The mesh is fully breathable to keep you cool, while in colder months can be comfortably worn over fleeces. Visibility should be a crucial consideration every time you take your bike out, and the Gilet is a great all purpose option with minimum fuss for maximum benefit.

Wearable Technology

The Visijax Gilet sports eleven fully integrated, high intensity LEDs, with six white in front and five red on the back. This wearable technology is Visijax’s signature speciality that sets it apart from competitors. The wearer is always visible independent of other light sources, and is more eye catching than its non-electrical counterparts. The lights are easy to access and change – pushing a red button on the battery activates the lights, and three flash settings are available at fast medium or slow. A rapid flashing mode also activates to indicate low battery.


The Gilet comes with a small rechargeable battery and a USB charging lead that you can connect to a computer. The batteries are very efficient, giving up to 20 hours of continuous use.


The jacket is available in sizes from extra small to XXL.