Gazelle electric bike with Shimano motor and electronic gears

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Frame 6061 alloy aluminium
Motor Shimano Steps 250 watts continuous output
Battery Lithium-ion. 418 watt hour . 500 wh available for additional £70
Gears Shimano Nexus Di2 - 8 speed (electronic gears)
Brakes Magura HS 11 hydraulic rim brakes
Display Shimano Steps LCD
Weight 21.8kg exc battery (48.1 lbs)


Gazelle Orange C8 HMS


We have just one remaining Gazelle Orange HMS. It is a size 53 cm frame with cross bar. This will suit someone from about 5' 9" to 6' 1".

The first thing you'll notice about the bike is that it's a very, very good looking bike. Sporting a sleek, minimalist design, the frame is built of smooth, bold edges, and finished with attractive faux leather handles. The second thing you'll notice are the electric gears.

If electronic bikes have transformed cycling to be less strenuous and more accessible than ever before, then automatic gear shifting might have done it all over again. Adjusting slickly to meet the exact requirements of the roads and your current ride without any further work on your part really means that commuting and urban riding becomes absolutely effortless, without losing any of the natural enjoyment and control of cycling. The gear shifts are light enough to not disturb you as it adjusts to your speed or changes in the terrain, meaning that once you set off, you can forget about the need to change gears entirely. The Di2 even includes a feature to automatically shift to a lower gear once you come to a complete stop, so as to make starting again so much easier. The experience of riding using one of these systems, and in particular this latest iteration, is something we think everybody should try, and absolutely recommend to anyone interested in a smoother, more relaxed cycling experience. Couple this with a frame built to optimise stability and balance, and you have a bike that's centred around the pleasure of cycling.

Because it uses Shimano Steps, you also have the access to some of the best features of electric bikes. Walk assist provides power even when you aren't on the bike, preventing it from dragging when you need to walk your bike quickly to a new location. The display quickly tells you all relevent information, including gear, battery and range. The power assistance to your cycle gives an easy, natural feeling, so cycling to work no longer means arriving sweaty and out of breath. And the switch is comfortable and easy to use, adjusting the level of assistance with a quick push of the thumb.

We mean it when we say effortless, but we don't think that should mean any less natural enjoyment or exercise that are so often why we get our bikes out in the first place. Fortunately the Orange C8 HMS doesn't compromise on either of these, and can be adjusted to fit whatever purpose you want from one ride to the next. By taking out the stress, this bike takes out the barriers that might be preventing you from really enjoying cycling, and we reckon after you try it once, this is what you'll turn to every time you head out your front door. Come and give it a go.



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