Scott is one of our premier brands and one that we are very proud to be associated with.

Scott have a great heritage in bikes. The company was established in 1958 by an American, Ed Scott, from Idaho who invented the first tapered aluminium ski pole. Since then the comany have been at the forefront of technology both in skiing and bikes. In 1986 they came out with their first mountain bike and they have been pioneers in the technology of suspension. In 1989 they brought out one of the most innovative developments for the bike in modern times, the Areo bar. Their Genius brand of mountain bikes came out in 2003 and in 2011, in collaboration with Bosch, they entered the e-bike market with a stylish an easy to operate e-bike.

For the 2016 season they have 40 e-bikes - including mountain bikes and urban bikes.

The things that we like about Scott are:

1. The unbeatable style. Every Scott bikes looks beautiful. It is impossible to do them justice on a website. Do come and see them in the flesh.

2. Quality. Scott only use good components ensuring durability and reliability. 

3. Technology. Scott have invented various technologies such as the 3 stage remote lockout for the suspension. Every year we are amazed that they can add to already excellent bikes.

There are other brands that may offer the same features but in our mind there is no brand that has this compelling combination.

Here is a selection of some of Scott's bike that we have in stock. To see more detail click on the title.

 Scott e-scale 730 plus - £2999

Scott e-scale 730 - £2799

 Scott e-genius 720 - £4,099

Scott e-sub comfort - reduced to £1749