Built from the ground up as a manufacturer of original e-bikes, Moustache is a highly innovative company making bikes that are strikingly unique, and built with the rider's comfort and enjoyment at the centre of their designs.

Based in Les Vosges region, of France, the company was begun in 2011 as a partnership of two bike lovers, that since has developed into a small team of skilled innovators, and is fast establishing itself as one of the best e-bike manufacturers in europe. Always pushing at the boundaries of what electric bikes can do for their riders, the company is a hub of projects that surpass the imaginations of many more established companies, redesigning and repurposing components to fit their next vision. Of particular note are their unique "moustache handlebars", completely changing how we traditionally connect with our bikes and making for a more comfortable ride with greater control.

Each Moustache bike is breathtakingly beautiful and unique, and will always be a conversation starter in any group of cyclists. The designers take nothing for granted, components are optimised so that no power is wasted, every drop of performance is squeezed from every part of the bike. Limited in number, owners are sure to take immense pride in one of these bikes, revolutionising the way we think about cycling. Here are a few reasons we believe they're taking Europe by storm:

1. Originality. There's nothing quite like a Moustache bike. Modern design, unique components; even in an industry as innovative as e-bikes, they feel right at the forefront of design.

2. Natural. Even while setting themselves apart from the pack, you'll feel right at home on one of these bikes. Designed for rider comfort without fear of convention, the relationship between rider and bike is central to Moustache design.

3. Luxury. Moustache bikes are built with the latest technology and design aesthetics, and you'll notice. Much of the technology is exclusive to Moustache, creating a sensation while cycling that is entirely unique.

We stock the following from Moustache with more to come in 2017, click for more information:

Moustache Samedi 28 Black