Established in 1964, KTM is easily one of our most popular brands for their consistent quality across a diverse range of styles and designs. Each KTM bike is proudly labelled with "Made in Austria" in a statement to the quality of the manufacturing that has gone into each bike in their line. KTM design mountain bikes suitable both for beginners and experts with robust and reliable components, as well as bikes designed to optimise the enjoyment of your ride across forest trails or on commutes. Instantly recognisable, KTM is a go to brand for cycling enthusiasts of all stripes.

The story of KTM actually begins in 1934, 30 years before the first KTM bike was produced, when founder Ernst Trunkenpolz opened a small shop to sell motorcycles. When he began to build his own, he was joined by Ernst Kronreif, whose initial joined Trunkenpolz to form KTM - M standing for Mattighofen, the site of the company. The company grew from their first bike to accelerating success in the 70s and 80s, during which KTM sponsored multiple championship winner Walter Obersberger. Their millionth bike was produced in 1989, and the company produces an average of 200,000 bikes a year today. 

KTM bikes are fast and sporty, capable of carrying you over all manner of terrain while you enjoy great control and responsiveness. Every rider has a story for why their KTM is perfect for them, but here are a few reasons that we're such fans:

1. Diversity. KTM covers a large variety of bikes from mountain to urban, which means you're certain to find one that suits you to the ground. If you're unsure, come visit the shop and we'll be able to point you in the right direction.

2. Proven. KTM has a great reputation in the racing community, and it's one they plan to uphold with high quality components that are of choice to their professional customers. 

3. Reliable. KTM bikes are superb for beginners and experts, and built to withstand any challenge you choose to throw at them.

The following is a selection of bikes we currently stock. Click for more information:

KTM Force 272

KTM Lycan 10 CX4

KTM Macina Cross 9 CX4

KTM Macina Style 10 P5+