Market leader in the Netherlands, the Gazelle philosophy is that cycling should never be a chore, but instead should be the first option you want to go to when navigating the great outdoors. To that end, Gazelle bikes are designed to remove every obstacle between you and a great ride, designing their bikes to feel smooth and balanced, be easy to use, and built to a robust quality. 


The company began trade in 1892, when the potential of the bicycle was only beginning to be realised. Willem Kölling began by ordering a single bicycle in England, and went on to make three sales in his first year of business. Fast forward to today, and Gazelle now produces over 275,000 bicycles a year from its factory in Dieran to meet demand. Named in 1902 after one of the fastest species of antelope, to match what Kölling felt after seeing a roebuck pass in front of him during a walk in the woods, Gazelle became Royal Dutch Gazelle on its centenary, awarded by Princess Margriet. Four years later it was certified with ISO-9001 norms in recognition of the quality of its management and innovation, becoming the only Dutch bicycle manufacturer with the certification. It was in 2005 that the 12 millionth bike, and Gazelle's first e-bike, was produced; the Gazelle Easy Glider.  


Gazelle meet a proud history with pride in the quality of bikes they continue to produce today, always with the desire that their customers should "Feel Like Cycling". Their recognised innovation can continue to be found in their designs by quality, feel and aesthetics. Here are just a few reasons that we are proud to stock them in Electric Bikes Guildford:


1. Comfort. The Gazelle focus is always on the enjoyment of the ride, so the components are built for lightness and balance, so cycling is smooth and easy. 


2. Innovation. Many Gazelle bikes feature the latest that electric bikes have to offer, including automatically changing gears so you can relax as you pedal.


3. Design. Gazelle bikes are designed to an incredible standard of striking beauty, featuring bold lines in their frames and smartly integrated cables and lighting.

The following are some of the Gazelle bikes that we currently stock. Click to find out more!

Gazelle CityZen HM Crossbar

Gazelle Orange C7 HF Cross Bar

Gazelle Orange C8 HM Step Through

Gazelle Orange C8 HMS