Founded as “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart in 1886, Bosch's modern name might be punchier but perhaps doesn't quite capture their spirit of high quality craftsmanship that their previous title had. You're likely to have heard of Bosch for their work in consumer power tools and electricals, or their expansive work in factory automation and machinery application. Entering the ebike industry in 2011, Bosch has quickly become a dominant force in the market for premium motors. One of the world's leading technology providers, Bosch's position as a global partner of vehicle and engine manufacturers means you can expect incredible quality from across their range of components, including drive units, powerpacks and on board computers. 


Bosch systems are powerful and robust, achieving incredible levels of assistance at a highly responsive rate. Each Bosch component is designed to match one another in a system efficiently so as to get the best from each individual part. Currently, three lines of components are available, allowing you to choose sets of components which will work well together according to what you want out of cycling.

Active Line

Great for leasure users, Active Line gives perfect support for relaxed bike tours, so you can ride further and for longer, as well as options for more power when you want that extra burst of speed. The powerpacks are lightweight and easy to handle, with high energy density and long life. A backpedal option is available, and the drive unit acts harmoniously to provide you with a smooth and easy ride.



Performance Line

Sporty and incredibly fast, the Performance Line is a winner of a Red Dot Design award for its balanced design capable of providing you with maximum performance. Supplying power at just the right moment, ambitious riders can enjoy a great amount of grip and enjoyment from components designed to give you maximum support while retaining ease of use and contemporary design.



Performance Line CX

Robust and unbelievably powerful, there's very little that can be thrown at the Performance Line CX that it won't manage. The drive unit, with its maximum torque of 75 Nm flattening mountain routes, is designed to withstand damage from rocks and splashing water. The responsiveness is second to none, kicking in as soon as your feet touch the pedal. This is the ideal line for mountain bikers who demand the most from their ebikes.




Bosch systems provide four levels of assistance, Turbo, Sport, Tour and Eco, and switching between assitance levels is fast and intuitive. Assistance is given as a percentage of power that you supply as you pedal, which is measured and altered precisely over every second of pedalling, meaning that you are always in full control of the speed of your bike. The following is a table showing the percentage of assistance you are given according to line you are using and the level of assistance currently being applied.

  Performance Line CX Performance Line Active Line
Turbo 300 275 250
Sport 210 190 150
Tour 120 120 100
Eco 50 55 40